• Read Before Purchase
  • How To Purchase?

    Hello Buyers now you can buy checkers directly from this site and manage your own license, its super easy no waiting. or you can buy from me contract me in these below platform.

  • How To Purchase And Active Checker


    First select the product

    then go to CART   , now you can find your selected product there with price. Click on CHECKOUT Button. You Must need to login for purchase anything. if you dont have any account the register an account.

    For Checkout Paymet Method you must need to disable any kind of pop-ups add blocker and you must have to allow pop-ups and redirects from your browser.

    if it was blocked then make it Allow like the above image. then click CHECKOUT button  Now it will open a new tab with https://commerce.coinbase.com/charges/xxxxx webpage.

    if you have any Coinbase wallet then you can pay with coinbase wallet directly. if you don't have coinbase wallet the select Bitcoin. then it will comes with a new btc address [NOTE: this address isn't my permanent address. it will generate each time when you click on CHECKOUT]. So dont close this tab. now send money from your btc wallet . Remember send the Exact Ammount that shows into this charge tab.

    if you send less or greater amount then your payment maybe goes on hold section by coinbase getway, but no worry you can contract me i will give you soluation. 

    copy the address from charge tab and send payment on that address.

    when you done sending paymnet from your btc wallet you will get notifaction from this charge page "PAYMENT DETECTED". now wait let verify them the payment.


    verifying payment sometime can take long time like 10/20 mint depending which wallet are you using. when the verify done you will see "PAYMENT COMPLETE" notifaction.

    Now go back to my website and click MyAccount Page there you will see your product has been added. 


    when you got your checker/product. dont click update button or dont add any unknown hwid/ip . this where all make mistake. 

    • First downlaod the checker.
    • run the checker and copy the hwid from it.
    • then paste it in hwid section of this page.
    • then find your static ip address form any website search google for your static ip.
    • when you got your ip paste it in ip section of my website.
    • then hit update button.

    NOTE: you can only update your hwid or ip onace in a week so dont make any mistake at first try.